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How to use essential garden tools

Essential garden tools throughout the ages various devices have been crafted to force the earth’s flora into submission.

These simple devices have changed little throughout history and go for good reason. They work in case these appear foreign to you here is a guide which demonstrates how modern day version of these tools can help you manage your green staff.

Step 1- Use rake

Use a rake there are two kinds of rakes leaf and garden leaf rakes are like brooms for the ground grate for leaves and small debris garden rakes are used to pull out thick weeds clear larger debris or two speared dirt and heavier materials.

Step 2- Use garden hook

Use a garden hook hoes come in many varieties and are used to remove weeds and simple cultivating strike down and dig out the weed or use it strike down and dig out the weed or use it is to simply chop up compacted soil.

Step 3- Use shovel

Use a shovel place the point of the shovel blade against the ground and use your foot to help push it in pull the handle back like a lever to break up the earth. Now you can scoop the dirt to move it everywhere.

Step 4- Use garden shears

Use sharp garden shears are used to trim and prune your plants use small ones like scissors to snip off very small stems and branches that are within your reach or use larger ones to trim and shape your bush.

Step 5- Use loppers

Use loppers are used to cut back larger branches the longer handles allow more reach and increased leverage careful what you lop off never use loppers on branches thicker than the diameter of the closed blades.

Step 6- Use garden hose

Use a garden hose hoses are used to make things wet namely the soil you are plants things wet namely the soil your plants are growing in use your thumb to control the spray aiming at the base of the plants watering is most efficient and beat for you plant life at sundown done. You now know how to recognize and you basic garden tools the different between a garden hose and a garden hose congrats.

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